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Inherited Poses, Liszt Institute, Sofia

My works consist of stills compiled into a tableau. The details and arrangement of the scenes present my personal experiences and traumas resulting from hailing from a renowned family of artists. The works are, on the one hand, artistic “family constellations” helping me to break away from the roles I inherited, as well as artistic clichés, while, on the other hand, they inspire the observer to find their own identity.

 The theme of my works Artist Family, Nothing Happened and Learned Symmetries is the situation of nude painting, its hierarchical aspects, and my identity-forming relation to it as a child. They are built on roles, identifications, and contrasts like child and adult, naked and dressed, passive and active. The female figures represent either me, my daughter, or the models seen in my childhood. The figures and the roles associated with them interflow.

 The starting point for the large ground floor installation is a fairy tale that defined me in my childhood, Mihály Babits's fairy tale for adults called Barackvirág. In my childhood misunderstanding, this tale helped me to interpret the concepts related to the body, separation from the body, beauty, and happiness, patterns of active and passive behavior, vulnerability, helplessness, and helplessness.

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